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Amy Weals, Certified Retirement Coach

Amy Weals, Certified Retirement Coach

My name is Amy Weals. Welcome to my website! I’d like to share with you a bit of information about my journey. The focus of my 30+ year career has been on professional development and coaching for individuals, teams, and leaders in a wide variety of industries (click here for full bio).My sweet spot has been helping new managers successfully navigate the transition from individual contributor to managing and leading others. It can be a tricky transition, both challenging and rewarding. I found great satisfaction in the role of coach which is why I’m drawn to working with those who are embarking on the retirement journey. It, too, can be a tricky transition, but also both challenging and rewarding!

In 2017 I found myself “accidentally” retired. Needing more flexibility and control of my schedule for personal reasons, I made plans to transition back to my consulting practice and I resigned from my full-time job. Plans made, plans thwarted! A sudden, unexpected eye issue and the rapidly failing health of my mom changed my priorities very quickly. In life, some things you see coming. Some things swoop in out of nowhere.

Eventually the dust settled and healing occurred. However, I was left with holes in my world that I was having trouble filling. I had worked outside the home my entire adult life and I certainly wasn’t ready for a “traditional” retirement…plus I don’t golf. And I definitely had not done much planning outside of finances. I connected with the industry leader of retirement coaching and knew immediately that this was the next step on my path.

Fast forward (with much reflection, research and resolve) and Late Bloomer Coaching is born! I’m thrilled to be able to marry retirement coaching with my many years of professional experience to help others prepare for this exciting yet sometimes scary stage of life development. Using assessments to identify how prepared you are for the retirement you envision and coaching to support you, together we can create your Happy, Fulfilling, and Successful Retirement.