My name is Amy Weals. In 2017 I found myself “accidentally retired.” Needing more flexibility and control of my schedule for personal reasons, I resigned from my full-time job and made plans to transition back into my consulting practice which I had left a few years earlier. Plans thwarted! A sudden, unexpected health issue and the rapidly failing health of my mom changed my life’s priorities very quickly. That’s how life works – some things you see coming and others swoop in out of nowhere.

Eventually the dust settled but I was left with some holes in my world that needed to be filled. I wasn’t ready for a “traditional” retirement…plus I don’t golf.

Fast forward a few months (with much reflection, research and resolve) and Late Bloomer Coaching is born. My corporate career had been focused on professional development and coaching for individuals, teams, managers and leaders. I thrived on working with people throughout their career using various personality, leadership and workstyle assessments. I’m good at it. I’ve also learned that retirement may be the longest career stage of our lives yet, most of what we hear regarding preparation for this long career stage has to do with finances. There is so much more to plan for and that’s how I can help you. Using assessments that capture how ready you are for the retirement you envision and coaching to support you, together we can move closer to your happy, fulfilling, successful retirement.