Whether you’re already retired, on the brink of retirement or, 5 or more years away, planning for the psychological, emotional, and social factors of retirement is essential for this stage of life to be as fulfilling as possible. Many people envision a life of leisure when they are in the hectic, full-time work world. Yet, often that life of leisure doesn’t quite measure up. My retirement coaching process begins by measuring your expectations and readiness around key factors (attitude towards retirement, perception of health, life meaning, family & relationship issues, and perception of age just to name a few) that contribute to a successful retirement — a retirement as unique as you.


Without question, work and career provide many intangible benefits beyond a paycheck for which employees need to plan as they head toward retirement. Workshops and/or coaching enabling employees to assess their readiness, strengths and opportunities, and to alleviate fears and uncertainties can be seen as a valuable benefit for this next stage of life. Research supports the notion that the clearer employees are about their future post retirement, the more effective they are in their jobs today, even if retirement is a few years away. As a seasoned workshop facilitator, I create enriching learning experiences that bring value to organizations and their employees.



Small Groups

Do you have colleagues or friends who are at a similar life juncture? Small group coaching can be an energizing, insightful way to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, as individuals move through this process of planning for the next stage of life, together.